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Sorry for the Silence. I'm Back!

I'm Sorry/I'm Back

My second daughter was born on October 27th. I'll be honest: I haven't read email sent to jeff@jeffknupp.com in almost three months. In fact, I haven't done anything besides my day job, sleeping, and spending time with my girls for the past three months. Throw in a medical condition (that has been resolved) and you can see why the past few months have been difficult for me. I know that I'm making excuses, but I wanted to add some context about my silence.

Thanks to my incredible wife and daughters, I now have the chance to be active online once again. For those of you who emailed me and didn't receive a response, I'm terribly sorry. I promise I will get to every single one in the weeks ahead. If you asked for a free copy of the book, you'll get one. It's going to take me a bit of time to catch up with everything, but it will get done.

For those who supported my Kickstarter campaign, I'll be making more videos soon. My goal is to get the next one out in the next two weeks. I sincerely apologize for what must seem like a case of promising something and not following through. I will finish all 10 videos. They will all be free.

So, again, if you've been trying to contact me or have been waiting on me for something, I'll do my best to build back up the trust you had in me, and I'll complete all of the various tasks I left half-finished.

My daughters and wife will always take precedence over my online persona, but I'm now in the position that I can devote more time as my alter-ego.

tl;dr: I'm Sorry/I'm Back!

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