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Writing Idiomatic Python: Videos 2 And 3 Are Up!

After a bit of a dry spell on the Kickstarter video front, the second and third videos of the ten video series are up on YouTube. Saturday saw the release of Writing Idiomatic Python Video Two, in which a simple HTTP proxy is refactored according to the principles found in Writing Idiomatic Python. On Sunday, Writing Idiomatic Python Video Three (which continues the refactoring begun in the second video) was posted.

Together, these two videos contain over two hours of content. I also made sure that the screen resolution/font size issues that a number of people had with the first video were handled properly. In addition, both videos have their own GitHub repos (links are on the respective YouTube pages) containing the original and final versions of the code. A number of people asked about this for video one as it's useful to compare the old and new versions directly.

Given this surge of momentum, video four shouldn't be far off. The subject of the video has already been chosen, and it's something I'm excited about and I think you'll all enjoy: starting a program from scratch. There are a huge number of things to think about when starting from scratch as opposed to refactoring existing code. I have a feeling a lot of people will find video four useful.

Just a reminder, as a result of the amount raised in the Kickstarter campaign, all of the ten videos are freely viewable at any time, distributed under the Creative Commons license. So feel free to share, embed, remix, or do whatever else people do with free videos.

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