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An Overwhelming Reponse From Women in STEM

My last post announced that I was making available to women in STEM Writing Idiomatic Python and two free tutoring sessions (I have privately tutored individuals in Python for some time). I hoped that the response would be positive. I was not prepared for just how positive it has been.

I have been getting approximately 100 emails a day requesting a free copy of the book and/or tutoring. I respond to each one individually, so much of my spare time is spent responding to email. If you have emailed me but not yet gotten a response, rest assured I will get to your email in short order. At the moment, the volume is just on the cusp of what I can reasonably handle alone.

Tutoring is a different matter. So many women in STEM have asked for tutoring that there literally aren't enough hours in the day to tutor everyone, even if I spent 8 hours a day doing it (I wish I could, but I have a job and am the sole provider for a family of 3-going-on-4). I will still honor the offer of tutoring, but it may need to be tweaked a bit and become group sessions. These would be Google+ Hangouts where you could come, ask me to explain a topic or help with a problem, and listen to the issues of others (almost like office hours). Honestly, I hate that I may have to do it this way, but I've already halted all of my existing tutoring partly because of the number of requests I received. Just please know that I'm really trying to do the right thing, whatever that is.

All that being said, keep the email coming! The positive support that is included in these emails is amazing, and each one is a joy to read. I'm happy that so many women in STEM are interested enough in my book for me to be drowning in email requests. Thanks for doing an awesome job of spreading the word, and keep it up!

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