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Improve Your Python: The Seminar

I've been privately tutoring individuals for quite a while, but I want to reach a larger number of people. With that in mind, I've decided to run a series of three one-day seminars on Python Essentials, Django, and Flask respectively. Each will be held in Manhattan at a location TBD. Each seminar is independent of the others, so you won't need to attend the Python seminar to attend the Django one, for example.

The first seminar ("Improve Your Python: The Seminar") will be held on Saturday, January 25, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Great, So Why Should I Care?

Each seminar will follow the same format: Each topic listed on the Eventbrite page will start with a mini-lecture about 20 minutes long.

Next comes a Q&A portion where any unclear portions are cleared up (either by myself or other attendees). Last comes the programming exercise, a pre-arranged coding task that makes use of the information you just learned. You'll submit your answer before we move on to the next subject and, additionally, receive personalized feedback about your implementation of the previous topic's programming exercise. Think of the feedback as a code review on each of your exercise answers.

All attendees will also receive digital and physical copies of my book, Writing Idiomatic Python, for free.

Who Are These Seminars Aimed At?

All seminars assume a very basic understanding of Python and programming in general. If you've never written a Python program before, you'll probably find the material too advanced. The intended audience is novice Python programmers looking to take the next step. The topics we'll cover are those that books and online courses frequently leave out, topics like:

  • List, Set, and Dictionary Comprehensions
  • Fun With Decorators
  • Performance Profiling and Unit Testing
  • Generators and yield Explained
  • lambda and Closures
  • Using Exceptions Correctly
  • Object-Oriented Python
  • Functional Python
  • Metaclasses and the Python Type System
  • git, pip, Python, and You

Sounds Great! But What If I Go And Hate It?

Then you get your money back! Like all of my endeavors, this one comes with a 100% money-back guarantee! If, after the seminar, you're not satisfied with what you learned, I'll happily refund your money (though I might pick your brain about ways to improve things!).

I Want To Come! What Should I Do.

First, see if your company has a budget for seminars and conferences. Better for them to pay than you! Next, check out the Eventbrite page for Improve Your Python: The Seminar" and sign up for a ticket.

The first 10 people to sign up will get 25% off the registration fee with early-bird tickets

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at jeff@jeffknupp.com.

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