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For those who noticed, I apologize for the radio silence over the past month. I've been preoccupied with job related activities, which I can discuss at long last. I've decided to leave my current position (and the finance industry all-together). Monday the 25th, I'll be joining AppNexus, a recognized leader in the online ad tech space. I'll be joining the "Data Platform Services" team, which is charged with making the 10s of TB of data (generated daily) accessible to the rest of the organization. It's very much a "big data" problem.

I'm extremely excited about this for a number of reasons. The company is experiencing explosive growth, the people are smart and passionate, and the work is incredibly interesting (to me). I'm also looking forward to growing professionally; I've basically been working on the same thing (between two banks) since graduating college. I have learned a ton in that time, but the "learning vs. time" graph has been trending downward for the past few years. I'm reinvigorated at the notion of working on something completely new (which still makes use of my experience building high-throughput, low-latency systems).

In other news...

On another note, I'm happy to be leaving finance. I'll discuss this a bit more in a few weeks, but for now I'll simply say that financial technology jobs are quite different than technology positions in almost every other sector. This change has been long-overdue for me, and I appreciate the opportunity I've been given.

Anyway, look for my next Python related post (which I've been working on for some time) to appear in the next few days. Also, for those that subscribe to my newsletter, the project I discussed with all of you a few weeks ago is gaining momentum. Look for more news on that front in the coming weeks. And last, but not least, the next version of Writing Idiomatic Python, which contains a ton of new content, should be available in the next few weeks. Lots of stuff to look forward to (for both you and I)!

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