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About Me

Who is Jeff Knupp?

Jeff Knupp

I'm a problem solver who Gets Stuff Done. If you have a business problem, I can leverage my broad technical background to solve it, regardless of the programming language or technology involved. Get in touch with me if you'd like to know more. Based in NYC, I'm an avid Python, C++, and Django hacker and the creator of this blog.

You posted something I strongly agree/disagree with. How can I contact you directly?

Feel free to email me at jeff@jeffknupp.com or leave a comment on the article.

I’m having trouble with X, which you posted about. Can you help?

I’d be happy to try. I would be nowhere without the mentoring and support of fellow programmers/open source software projects. I’m always looking for a chance to give back.

How do you host your various sites?

I’ve been using Linode (note, my affiliate code is in there) for about a year and couldn’t be happier. I’m running all of my on a single Linode: Ubuntu 11.10 w/ 512MB RAM and a 200GB transfer cap (the basic plan). Their documentation is great, if you need it, and I’ve honestly never had a support ticket answered as fast as by ‘cciufo’ (I just looked it up) on their support team. The problem was literally fixed in 3 minutes, at 1:06 AM no less. If I sound like a shill, it’s just because I’ve had nothing but good interactions with them. Here’s a link without my affiliate code.

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